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“I established Living Water md after a God encounter at a meeting where I heard baseball player, Darryl Strawberry, share the words of Jesus, the Living Water. I realized that I had been drinking the wrong “water” in my life and was always thirsty. When we drink the TRUE LIVING WATER we will be satisfied and will never thirst again.”
Chris Howell – Founder, President

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About Us

100% natural spring water bottled at the source at Brick House Farms in Ellicott City, Maryland. Ozonated for purity.Living Water is naturally alkaline with a pH of 8.32 It originates from one of the highest bedrocks aquifers in the country called the “Cockeysville Marble Aquifer” which flows 1500 feet underground.

The ozonation process that’s used to create this type of water is a natural process that occurs when UV radiation splits a single oxygen molecule into two separate oxygen atoms. These atoms are able to react with other oxygen molecules to create ozone. While a chlorination process can also be used to purify water, a chemical will still need to be added to the water in order to purify it. On the other hand, the ozonation process is completely natural and works via UV radiation from the sun. Once the water has been oxidized, the ozone gas turns back into oxygen, which is why ozonated water is considered to be very healthy to drink.

Why Choose Living Water md

What are the benefits of drinking all natural Living Water with a high pH and high alkaline levels? Simple, it does not have comparison because it is nature’s best and really a gift from God. Drinking alkaline water is the easiest way of balancing the body’s pH, thus protecting and enhancing the individual’s health in a number of ways. Apart from fighting and preventing a variety of medical conditions, ionized alkaline water also has other benefits. pH stands for “power of hydrogen”. pH determines the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. It is scaled from 0-14. A pH below 7 is acidic while a pH above 7 is an alkali. A pH of 7 is neutral.

Our Product

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Living Water 16.9 OZ Bottles
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Living Water 5 Gallon Jugs
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The Living Water Story

The Living Water Story

God still still performs miracles. I am living proof.

On October 17, 2021 I received an unexpected call from a close friend, Nagina “Gin” Daneker. I hadn’t heard from her in months. She and her husband, Stephen, have been helpful to me during the past two years. They had spent countless hours talking with me, encouraging me, praying with me, and counseling with me.

She continued by telling me that God had spoken to her and told her to call me. She indicated that she fought against it at first but decided to be obedient to God…even if she had to do so kicking and screaming.

Gin told me that she knew that I had been drinking. Whoa! That took me by surprise. After all, how could she know? God revealed it to her. I acknowledged that I had been drinking, and had been doing so quite heavily. I had resumed drinking during the past year to deal with feelings of loneliness and depression, trying to fill a void in my life. And I was drinking heavily… usually a 12-pack of beer every single day. This was my [futile] way of trying to ease the pain that I was experiencing in my life. I knew that it was slowly killing me, but I didn’t care. I felt as if I didn’t have any hope and I had lost my purpose in life. I didn’t have the ability to love myself. These feelings were expressed in a song that I had recently wrote.

Whatcha gonna do when the sun goes down? Another day of running and youve hit the ground You cant stop crying, the tears just runnindry Youre staring at the bottle and you sit and wait Longing for some hope but you isolate
You wanna be loved but cant even love yourself

– – The Burning Flame

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